Navigating Water and Land Use Permitting on the Kenai Peninsula

Thursday March 5
12:30-2:30 pm
More than any other state, Alaska depends on natural resources for its economic well-being. To ensure responsible resource development, Alaska needs to maintain a strong permitting system that protects our environment, enables public input and provides a timely, predictable process for applicants. With many laws and regulations governing water, riparian, and land use on the Kenai Peninsula, the permitting process can be confusing. Further, without a clear understanding of these regulations it can be difficult to recognize potential violations and guide the public to appropriate sources of information.   
This workshop trains participants to better plan for the permitting and environmental review process on the Kenai Peninsula. The workshop offers an overview of natural resource laws under the governance of the federal government, the State of Alaska, and the Kenai Peninsula Borough, as well as a discussion of how to efficiently navigate the permit process. This training is intended for landowners on the Kenai Peninsula, local realtors, and other interested planning and land use decision makers.
Workshop Objectives
By attending this course, participants will improve their understanding of: 
  • Water and land use regulations for activities occurring on the Kenai Peninsula, including freshwater and coastal wetlands, streams, and tidelands; 
  • Strategies for completing a successful permitting effort within the Kenai Peninsula Borough;  
  • Mechanisms and tools available to project in general, as well as restoration projects.  
The regulations and permits for the following agencies will be discussed: Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Dept of Natural Resources, Kenai Peninsula Borough, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.