Field Trip Options



Salmon in the Watershed
2018 Kachemak Bay Science Conference
Thursday March 8  10:30 - 3:00

Join the Kachemak Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve staff on a fun and informative field trip along the lower Anchor River.  This event will be led by watershed specialist Coowe Walker, who will talk about the Kenai Lowland’s freshwater habitats and how they relate to juvenile salmon health.  You will learn about ecosystem services and functions, important landscape pieces, groundwater connectivity, and how it all supports the local juvenile salmon populations.  The short hike will culminate at a groundwater seep, where overwintering juvenile salmon and other fish will be pulled from a pool and made viewable for guests. lunch will be provided, water bottle, rubber boots, weather appropriate clothing! 


Exploring Homer's Beach Storm Berms and Sand Dunes
2018 Kachemak Bay Science Conference
Thursday March 8 10:30 - 3:00

This field trip is based on a KBRR-led project looking at the ecological, economic and
recreational role of the system of storm berms that front Homer’s central business district. The
goal is to develop a community vision for managing the storm berms in the face of increasing
residential population, seasonal tourism and climate change.

On this field trip, we’ll continue the discussion while exploring the storm berms firsthand on a
walk-and- talk shoreline hike. The plan is to spend time at each berm, hiking along the shoreline
between them: starting at Bishop’s Beach, we’ll walk eastward along Munson Point and the
seawall to Mariner Park, then hop over the Spit to Mud Bay (~ 3 miles). We’ll be looking at how
storm berms function, how they are valued and used by the community, and consider the risks
they face going forward. (A modified version, involving an indoor presentation and shuttle van
for short site visits to each berm without the beach walk, is planned in the event of bad weather).
Bring your lunch and water bottle, wear waterproof boots and weather-appropriate clothing! 



Virtual Field Trip - Underwater Tour of Kachemak Bay
2018 Kachemak Bay Science Conference
Friday March 9 4:00 - 5:00

Join NOAA Kasitsna Bay Lab Director, Kris Holderied, and UAF professor, Brenda Konar, for an underwater tour of Kachemak Bay, highlighting scientific and cold water diving and research on kelp forests, intertidal ecosystems and bottom habitats. Explore Kachemak Bay with diver photos and videos, drop camera videos and seafloor bathymetry maps. Located at Islands and Ocean Visitor Center Auditorium.



Community Monitoring  - Homer Harbor
2018 Kachemak Bay Science Conference
Saturday March 10 2:30 - 4:00

During this two part field trip you will first be introduced to the KBNERR Community Monitoring Program that focuses on Harmful Algal Blooms and Invasive Species (European Green Crab and invasive tunicates). Second, you will be guided by Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies staff with their ROV monitioring program! This field trip will take place in the Homer Harbor. PLEASE DRESS FOR THE WEATHER! 

Limited transportation is available - please pre-register.