NOAA data tools (how to find cool Kachemak Bay ocean data online)

Thursday, March 8
3:00 - 4:30 pm
Hosted by Kris Holderied,NOAA Kastitsna Bay Lab, and Mandy Lindeberg, NOAA/NMFS


Interested in finding detailed seafloor maps, coastline imagery, nautical charts, tides or ocean currents? NOAA’s National Ocean Service collects these data and more, and provides online data tools as part of its missions to promote safe marine transportation, protect and manage coastal ecosystems and help coastal communities deal with coastal hazards. A ‘firehose’ of high-quality coastal ocean data is available online, but it’s only useful if you know how to find and use it.  Bring your questions to an interactive workshop with NOAA scientists Kris Holderied and Mandy Lindeberg, who will demonstrate online data tools, answer questions and give a preview of new seafloor habitat maps and data viewers that are being developed for Kachemak Bay.